Aerial Photography and Videography In Raleigh That Flys Above The Rest!

Aerial Photography

When searching for Aerial Photography in Raleigh, it is important to hire professionals. SkyRender Media is certified by the FAA and fully insured. Aerial Photography is a little bit art, a little bit science, and a little bit pepper. The pepper is that X-factor that people either have or they don’t. It cannot be taught or learned.

Aerial Videography

SkyRender Media offers aerial high-definition drone video for commercial, real estate, construction, and television markets in the Raleigh, NC area. Whether a TV commercial, Commercial or Residential Real Estate Listing, Wedding, or Special Event, we can provide you with extremely-smooth 1080p or 4k aerial video.

Aerial Surveying

SkyRender Media’s UAV platforms offer advanced, cost-effective solutions for topographic surveying, utility inspections, construction planning, precision agriculture, and much more. Our Photogrammetry service in Raleigh flys above the rest in accuracy of the results. We are able to provide you with the data you need.

aerial real estate drone photography

Aerial Videography and Photography For Real Estate Professionals

Aerial Videography and Photography for Realtors is the latest weapon in Raleigh, NC to combat the never-ending quest to differentiate your listings and stay at the top of your market in the Triangle Area. You need three things in order to commercially operate a UAV for Real Estate: a certified aircraft, a licensed pilot and authorization from the FAA. This is why you shouldn’t hire your neighbor’s nephew that just got a drone for Christmas. We take care of the 3 requirements so you are completely covered. In addition, we just happen to be really good at shooting and editing videos and photos for realtors also! Our Drone videos for Realtors will take your listing to the next level and sell your listings faster than your competition can.

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aerial event photography

Aerial Photography and Videography for Special Events

SkyRender Media has the capacity and experience to provide aerial photo and video services for Golf Outings, Sporting Events, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthday parties, Car Shows, Boat Shows, Festivals, Concerts, or just about any other outdoor event you can think of. Our special event aerial photography and videography is second to none! The perspective we are able to capture from the air is completely unique, and just cannot be captured the same from the ground.  Once the event is complete, we will professionally edit your aerial photos or videos into a masterpiece that is sure to deliver more than you expected.

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aerial wedding drone photography

Aerial Wedding Videography and Photography Services in Raleigh, NC

Your Wedding Video takes an entirely different shape when you have Aerial Wedding Videography and Photography Services. Drones have made Aerial Videography and Photography affordable for weddings. If needed, we can work in tandem with your existing Wedding Videographer to simply capture footage and let them incorporate it into your final wedding videos. Our intention is not to replace your wedding photographer or videographer, but to enhance the media you capture on your special day in a very unique way!

We are able to capture stunning photos and video of the procession, wedding party, ceremony, and/or post ceremony celebration. We typically ground the drone during the actual ceremony as the propellers can often be somewhat loud. We are able to capture everything from vehicles parking to dinner and dancing. Once the party gets going, any potential noise from the drone propellers will be covered by music and guests interacting. It will become somewhat of an afterthought. Don’t miss out on making your special day stand out with something that cannot be replicated!

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aerial construction progress photography

Aerial Photography and Videography for Construction Companies

Aerial Videos and Photos have become more commonplace in construction. Drone aerial photography and videography for construction is quickly evolving in regulations, as well as the technology available. Aerial photos and videos play an integral role in any construction project. From planning to documenting, they provide a chance to see potential issues that might otherwise be missed. Also, aerial imagery and video gives a completely different perspective to construction sites. It can also be used for marketing purposes to set your construction company apart from the competition. UAV’s have made aerial videos and photos much more affordable for construction contractors as well.

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Federal Aviation Administration

Certified By The FAA

Our pilots have completed the rigorous requirements put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as Part 107 Registration to Fly Drones for commercial purposes. We are not fly-by-night (no pun intended) hobbyists. We are professional drone pilots.

fully insured commercial drone company

Fully Insured

Regardless of the fact that we take extra care to keep safety top-of-mind while piloting, we are also fully insured. Our insurance covers the unlikely event that there were any damages to people or property while we are flying a drone.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Received top notch service with quality that blew me away. 10/10 will use again!"

Robert Michael

"Very prompt, professional, and had quick turnaround with quality work...thinking of using for aerial photo shoot for an upcoming event. Highly recommended!!!"

Dre Drennon

"Service is always professional. Everything is explained in detail but in a language that I can understand. The prompt turnaround and quality work is priceless when I'm having to meet deadlines for my clients. Highly recommended!"

Sharward Moore

"Prompt, professional, and quick turnaround for our photos! Highly recommend!"

Joan Siopes

Certifications, Associations, and Memberships

association of professional drone pilots member
remote controlled drone pilots association member
ncdot-drone license
FAA Part 107 Certified Commercial Pilots
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