Aerial Video And Photography For Special Events In Raleigh That Flys Above The Rest!

Aerial Concert Photography

Whether for local Raleigh news, personal use, or tour managers, our aerial concert photography services in Raleigh are guaranteed to deliver breathtaking results! Aerial photography gives an entire different perspective that is different from any other concert photography available. We will deliver fully edited photos, ready for print media that truly set your project apart from typical concert photographers’ work.

Many concert promoters take advantage of our Concert Drone Photography services to increase ticket prices. They can help create an interactive experience for your event that will make festival goers choose your event over any other and keep them coming back year after year if you offer access to the aerial photos to concert goers after the event.

Aerial Concert Videography

SkyRender Media’s aerial concert videography services in Raleigh are sure to deliver an experience like no other. For years, concert promoters in North Carolina have hired expensive aerial videographers that use helicopters to achieve the final product. Drone videography for concerts is much more cost effective. Also, because drones are so much quieter and smaller than helicopters, UAV’s can get shots that you just cannot get in a chopper. Because UAV aerial video is much more cost effective that hiring someone using a helicopter, smaller events can now take advantage of aerial videography as well.

Aerial Photography for Sporting Events

Whether a marathon, high school football game, baseball game, or other sporting event, our drone photography for sporting events has you covered. Until now, the only view spectators of smaller sporting events had was from the sidelines. With that said, new ways of capturing sports action are here! Our aerial sporting event photography delivers a unique aerial angle, unlike anything you have seen before for smaller events. Televised sporting events have the huge budgets for helicopters and aerial guide wires, whereas, the local wake county high school football game doesn’t necessarily have a huge production budget. Whether the motivation is to enhance the brand of a team, create a more engaging story, or boast an immersive visual experience, aerial photography and videography facilitates a more personal connection between the athletes and the viewers.

Aerial Videography for Sporting Events

Aerial videography for local Raleigh sporting events was once unrealistic due to the high cost of production with helicopters, cameramen, etc. Using drone technology, Skyrender Media is able to deliver pro quality video footage of smaller sporting events, completely edited, and ready for prime time!

Resort, Hotel, and Destination Aerial Photography

Our aerial photography for resorts, hotels, and destinations is somewhat all encompassing. We find that most of what we work with in this category is golf courses. Aerial photos of hotels give a completely different perspective that grabs attention when someone is searching through multiple hotel offers. Take full advantage of our drone photography services to set your resort, hotel, or destination apart from the competition.

Resort, Hotel, and Destination Aerial Videography

When competing with 100,s of other Hotels, Resorts, and Destinations, our Aerial Videography services will truly set your brand apart from the competition. Offering a virtual aerial tour of each hole of your golf course in your marketing media will truly set your course apart from others in the triangle area. We offer everything from aerial videography of entire resorts to 360 degree aerial views of your beautiful hotel to give a completely different perspective.

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